What is the Future of Tumblr

The latest acquisition of Tumblr is the front page of tech sites and newspapers these days. Well, let’s ask an interesting question first: How many people will so no to the offer of 1 billion dollars? In fact, you will find several giants you used every day now: eBay, Google, Facebook and Yelp. These days, the management of Yahoo is always changing. The company is also transfer from the role of most powerful company in Silicon Valley to a normal tech company.


Back to the theme, though the sum is attractive, but it is not a good deal to David Karp. In the acquisition part, Yahoo can be described as the nightmare. Just look at the list: Geocities, Flickr, and Delicious. If you are a netizen with three years old, you must know the history and current of them.


Take the comparison of Flickr and YouTube. YouTube’s today is from Google’s several years’ input. Not long after purchased Flickr, Yahoo added the charge mode and make strict limitation to free users. The two giants action also lead to the today of them .


Just like Zuckerberg, Karp is also admitting to provide coolest product, so he strongly resist the poor experience of ads. Of course, both of them are choosing to loosen the principle last year for the stress of finance.


Though Mayer have brought many changes to the company, it still an ad company. Yahoo has clearly announced that they will bring more ads, so Tumblr may get far away the user experiences.


Have a look at the users’ expectation from hiding-behind-memories:


In fact, to myself, I also look down on the acquisition.

First Asha OS Smart Phone: Nokia 501 Review

May 9, Nokia announced a new product at India: the Nokia 501. It is also the first Asha OS smart phone. Shortly after the conference, I have a chance to have a short trial of it.


After the conference, many people doubt whether a QVGA level (320*240) smart phone has competition. To answer this question, we should the location of this device. When I have the talk with the locate tour guide what phone will they choose. He told me that if let along the factor of price, about 95% people will choose iPhone. However, for the reason of budget, many of them will choose the cheaper Samsung. To the low-end consumers, almost all of them are choosing Nokia.

asha os

Now, the reason that Nokia choose India as the publishing place is clear. The price of it is about $99. Then, the brand, eye-catching color, simple delicate color, as well as the new Asha OS will help Nokia stable the low-end market.

noki 501 review

Now, let’s back to the device itself. First are the specs: QVGA screen, 3 inch screen, 3.2 million megapixels camera, and so on. On the conference, Nokia almost ignore this part but spend more time on the appearance and user experience. The words of Nokia are very simple: the cheaper one is uglier and the more beautiful ones are more expensive.


The first impression is that it is a combination of N9 and 520 but smaller. When the screen is dark, the time can be still displayed. The 98 grams body is very suitable for hand holding. The official said that the battery life can be up to 48 days but it still doesn’t sure it is a theory or experiment data.


In a word, it is a product that Nokia produce to stable the low-cost market, which is also the basic strategy of Elop.

How to Do Reaction to the Breaking News on Social Media Sites?

Two days ago, Asoociated Press posted a news that White House is exploded, which rapidly lead the result of stock market go into the condition of collapsing for s short time. Only several minutes, the market value decreased about 140 billion dollars. Though soon proved that the account is hacked, it is still teaching a lesson to the capital market.


This event is brusted out, but the topic behind it is very serious: how to do reaction to the breaking news on Twitter or other social media sites. The real world have been totally copied to the virtual world and the later one also do great influence to the previous one. SEC announced that early at this month, enterprises can publish important news through the platform of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platform. Just imagine, if the account of Apple, Macdonald, or Bank is hacked and post some information, what will the stock market be?

To the information ocean of Twitter and Facebook, both the normal people and fund managers need to be better media consumer and notice that even the professional news agencey may release the wrong news. In fact, CNN also do a wrong report in Boston bombing. All of us need to know that: if your mother said she love you on Twitter, you nee to ensure that.


The earlier false news are ordinary from the new accounts. People are used to it and has the ability of judging the truth or rumor. The reliability of Associated Press is one reason to this condition. However, it is not hard to find that this is a false news if you are carefull enough. Generally, to this kind of breaking news especially happen at the downtown, the news from the ordinary people must be faster that the presses. If you are carefully enough to search the word of “white house bombing” on Twiiter, you can judge it with the result.


Next time when you counter with this problem, you may ask yourself these questions: can you get the information source? Dose the image has some problem? Is the weather right or not? Is the sunlight is corresponding with the time?


The Classic April Fools’ Day Tricks in 2013

Every year of April 1 is for fun. It is a festival not only for the common people but also the big companies. Google is one of them that do a good job every year. Compared with the funny underwater search last year, the tricks of Google in 2013 is more in species. Now let me show you all of them.


Google Treasure Map

Last year, Google changed their map to the style of Famicom. On April 1, the group of Street View claimed that they found a treasure map while collecting information in India Ocean and displayed the hand-writing map to the public. The described that: not for the pirates.


YouTube is shutting down

YouTube claimed that they are shutting down: please login YouTube at 9pm in April 1 when we will elect the best video of the past 8 years. For several years, numerous users upload a lot of videos and there are about 30 thousand tech persons collecting them and elect the best video, and then YouTube will be shut down and open 10 years later. A number of famous guys choose to support this trick and makes many users believe it.


Google Nose

Many users noticed that there is a new app displayed on the first page of Google: Google Nose Beta. Users just need to input the keyword and click smell, the computer will send out the smell. For example, when users input apple and click smell, then there will be a progress bar of sending out.




Google Analytics, when users login to the page, they will there are a lot of visiting histories from the space station. Google Blue: can make the entire control interface become blue. Google Schmick: short of Simple Complete House Makeover Internet Conversion Kit, can let user decorate their house with the Street View, some like the Sims.


Should Apple Need to Make Big Changes in the Next iPhone

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins criticized on Monday that the Apple iPhone user interface was outdated and unable to keep up with the pace of other smartphone operating systems.


Hynes told The Australian Financial Review in an interview, since it was first launched in 2007, Apple’s iPhone user interface is not changed ever since then. He pointed out that the first generation iPhone user interface is sufficient to meet demand, but is out of date now.

Hynes said: “I think history is again repeating itself. In this industry, innovation is so fast. If you do not quickly innovate, you will soon be phased out. The ground-breaking of the iPhone user interface should be respected, but it has been 5 years has no changes”. Hynes acknowledged that it needs to respect the iPhone. This phone makes the BlackBerry growing out the centre stage of Smartphone; in the previous years, BlackBerry has been dominant in this market. But Hynes said: “you cannot stand still. For us, this is also useful. Release BlackBerry 10 let us stand on the mobile computing Grand Prix Starting grid, now we need to win the game.”


First of all, just like the words of Hynes, over 5 years, there is almost no change in the user interface. Though the really popularity of iPhone is 3 years, it is a time that the users will bored of it. Why in the year of 2012, the market is occupied by Samsung? The bored iPhone users are one of the important client groups. Rather than say Samsung created a good product to attract the users, I prefer to believe that the monotonous user interface drives the consumers to Android.


Apple last year dismissed the head of iPhone software Scott Forstall and headed by industrial design Jonathan Ive to response this business. It is hard to say whether the Apple has the determination and ability to change the biggest profit income.


The Frist Ubuntu Tablet Will Be Released By A Australia Company?

Australia company that called Intermatrix said its first Ubuntu Tablet has started to accept reservations. The news caused the concern in the industry, but many insiders also questioned the legitimacy of this product.


Intermatrix is a small consulting firm that only has 5 workers. This model U7 Ubuntu Tablet is their first product that they go into the hardware market, the company “will cooperate with the Chinese factory” to produce this.


The company’s person in charge Peter Dey refused to disclose the name of its OEM partners. There are reports that, judging from the pictures, the U7 is like the Android tablet computers manufactured in China: Aino Novo 7 Venus, similar hardware parameters also similar, but the latter’s price is just about half of the U7’s $ 300.


Intermatrix U7 is currently plans to adopt 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM and 16GB storage, and equipped with 7-inch IPS display at a resolution of 1280×800. Other configurations include 2 million megapixel rear camera and 300,000 pixels front-facing camera.


According to the Intermatrix’s version, its OEM partner has not yet started to produce tablet computers. U7’s subscription terms displayed, “you are ordering the one that had yet to begin full-scale production of goods.” Intermatrix said U7 is planned for October shipment, but is not able to ensure that the shipping date and its technical parameters are also not finalized. However, the consumers can’t return of goods after booking and it will directly payments from the credit card immediately.


Dey said, Intermatrix 100% guarantee delivery. He said: “we fully restricted by the date of Ubuntu Touch from Canonical. We will not sell a product with the beta software. “He also pointed out that Canonical Ubuntu Tablet may be required using more powerful hardware configurations than the U7, so there is no final determination of U7 hardware parameters.

U7 is not an official, authorized by the Canonical product. However, Dey said, Intermatrix had tried to cooperate with the Ubuntu developers, but did not get response. He said: “we were very surprised that they did not contact us. As I have said, we have partners in China. we described it very clear when you contact them.”Canonical has yet to comment on news.


Frist Day of MWC 2013

There are many new products in the MWC2013 but there are no flagship products like Galaxy S 2 in 2011 and Nokia 808 PureView in 2012. In general, all the manufactures reserve they flagship of 2013, so the main characters are the low and middle end products.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

As one of the products in Note series, Galaxy Note 8.0 still has the S Pen as well as the Menu and Back buttons. The 8 inch 1280×800 TFT screen, 1.6Hz Exynos quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, 5MP, 4600mAh battery, Android 4.1.2, and the TouchWizUX interface shows that it is a product that designed for competing with iPad Mini. The international version will also support call options. For the reason of non-detachable design of the back, the SIM card is put on the left of the body. It will be available at next season worldwide.


4 Nokia Lumia 520, 720

Nokia released 4 models, including smart phones (Lumia 520 and 720), basic phone (301 and 105). The Windows Phone with 41 MP that called EOS didn’t appear on it. Lumia 520 is the successor of Lumia 510, it is also the cheapest WP8 model. Lumia 720 is designed for the middle-end market. It will has 6.7MP Carl Zeiss lens as well as f/1.9 aperture.


Firefox OS official released

Mozilla claimed that the mobile device that equipped with Firefox OS will released about July. They partners will including Alcatel, LG, ZET, and Huawei. All of them will adopt the processor of Qualcomm.


HP first Android Tablet: Slate 7

It has a 7 inch 1024×600 screen, 1.6GHz dual-core CPU and 8GB slot, and 3MP camera. In the terms of software, it has the effect of Beats Audio and Android 4.1. Thought it is the first tablet from HP, it attracts only very few attentions. The normal configuration can’t help it become the highlight of yesterday.



Surface Pro Review: The Definition of Future PC

On January 22, 2013, Microsoft officially released Surface Pro that based on X86 schema and equipped with Intel i5 processor. This device are expected as the next generation PC had appeared as early as a few months ago, at the recently concluded CES 2013 exhibitions was also displayed.


Microsoft Surface Pro uses the latest Windows 8 so that users can their all work that they don on the traditional personal desktop or laptop. The specially optimized for touch screens let users fully without fear of the users experience. Of course, this to most of the users, if you want to purchase one, you’d better use it at any store first. In addition, the portability also make it available to a wider range of applications and help users consult they daily work and entertainment.

It uses Intel’s third-generation Ivy Bridge core i5 processor, equipped with Intel HD Graphics 4,000 graphics core, 4GB memory space as well as 10.6-inch full HD 1920×1080 display screen with ClearType technology. However, the entire above are enriched to a 13.5mm 907g VaporMG body.


At the same time, Microsoft provide Touch and Type Cover keyboard protector accessories, with the fuselage comes with collapsible bracket features, Microsoft Surface Pro can operate as tablet or traditional notebook.

The latest USB 3 interface as well as up to 2560X1440 resolution display Mini DisplayPort interface, also Micro-SD card connector has a 3.5mm headphone socket makes Surface Pro has the largest scale performance. In addition, Surface Pro supports WiFi and less power consumption Bluetooth 4.0.


Surface Pro is equipped with a stylus that supports pressure-sensitive. However, the stylus has no built-in batteries but get power through electromagnetic waves launched by the bottom of the screen. Stylus is useless for most of the users, but if you are designers, photographers, it is a pretty good selling point. The 64GB and 128GB versions are priced at $ 899 and $ 999.

Writer comments:

Microsoft Surface Pro combines the fashion portable tablet with the traditional PC strong business performance into one piece. The appearance of Surface means that the revolution of traditional PC having begun. No matter what will the sales of Surface Pro, the future’s PC has showed its real form.


The Crisis of Apple: What is the Future of Cook’s Apple

In the new era of Cook, will Apple still the leading of the market? In my opinion, there are many crisis of Apple. Only by consulting these, Apple can go on they way of success.

Share prices fell

In the summit of Apple, the share price is $ 700, but now it becomes $500, which reduced 30%. And it seems that thing is going on. According to the trend of the share price, the intention of the investor is weaker. The biggest reason is the strategy of Apple and the market is smaller.

Product Cycle faster

Only half year after the releasing of iPad3, Apple released iPad4 as along as iPad mini. It means that Apple has gone into a bottleneck of development. They have to maintain the development by increasing product cycle and expand product line. At the same time, it also has some shortages: the more products will distract Apple’s charming. If they do so, they may become today’s Sony.

Product less popular

It is reported that Apple reduce they order form of iPhone 5 screen, which lead to a lot of guess. It is probably that iPhone sale far from expectation. No matter whether it is true, the less population of Apple product is no doubt.

Enterprise culture’s change

Cook’s Apple is not Job’s any more. Cook is a good market manager while Job is a good product manager. The difference of them will lead Apple on a different way. Someone claim that Apple will on the same way even if Job is alive. It can’t be confirmed any more, but it is no doubt that Apple is different now.

Strong competitors

Apple is still the leader but not the only one. Recall the release of iPad, they are the only, but now, the market is in fierce competition. Even in the 7 inch tablet, Apple is behind the steps of other manufactures. To the smartphone part, the strong impact of Samsung’s product is also a big problem.

Corporate Image

The appearance of Apple’s corporate image is not corresponding with the status. The Asia sweatshop matter in last year forced they respect the benefit of workers. In the aspect of charity, Apple seems has no good recording.




5 Reasons Why You Can’t Find a Job

You have wonderful resume, impeccable credentials and the perfect look. Maybe you are an ideal employee by employers. However, you are still worrying about finding your first job. Now let’s go to see the most common reasons why someone cannot find a job.

1. You need to change your attitude

Experts say that change of attitude might be the best approach. You should make “finding a job” as your job first. Many of us don’t adopt a committed passionate attitude and haven’t realized that finding a job is a numbers game. The fact is the more interviews you get, more likely you will get a job.

2. You are not ready

Well, before sending a resume, you need to develop a system that contains everything from goals and intentions that dictate planned activity to role-playing of interviews.

3. You have an unrealistic idea about the market and your personal skills

People are easy to over inflate the ease of ability to find a job, based on a distorted view of the marketability of their skills. However, it is always leads to frustration and disappointment when the job search takes longer than expected.

4. You ignore the small businesses

Yeah, there are too many people cannot find their jobs because they ignore small businesses. However, people just forgot that 97% of the businesses in the United States employ fewer than 100 people.

5. You don’t recognize the psychological and emotional stress by changing a job

By denying this reality, people operate out of fear of rejection. Nowadays, most employees are always tend to care about the minor things that appear to be job-finding activities, but aren’t the most fruitful activities. They confuse activity with productivity, and always complaints about finding jobs are really difficult.